Monday, May 24, 2010

A sea of pumpkins

There must be more than 50 punpkins left in the patch - and we would have already removed 30 so far.
So, many pumpkin dishes will be on the horizon. This year has been the most successful fo far for pumpkins as i have 1) had the space 2) did not need the space for any other things 3) grew a number of varieties so i could have eaters in the summer as well as good storers. I learned last year that Jap's don't store at all.
I also learned this year that pumpkins are more vigorous than rock melons and water melons so don't grow them together as the pumpkins will smother the others. I'm getting a few belated water melons now after the pumpkin leaves have died back.

The pumpkins were planted with composted cow manure mixed in with the top soil. We had some wide spaces between rows but found during the summer that they appreciated some extra water between the rows as they put their roots down into the soil when they crawl around.

The grasshoppers seem to still be active but not eating as much. The situation with these guys is unprecedented so i don't really know if they are going to disappear over the winter or not. i have several netted rows of plants (peas, broccoli, caulis) that are more than ready to be un-nettted but i fear they will still get munched.
My carrots are coming up a treat under one of the netted rows. This is the second sowing after the first failed due to not enough water while i was away. There are a couple of plants left from that first sowing that are growing a treat.

The Broccoli is heading and we are picking plenty of leafy greens so all is good in the world.  I planted some Fennel seedlings, Kale and coriander as well as seed of more cabbages, Raddicio, lettuce and Paak Choy.

A trip out to Owen Springs on the weekend revealed the land seething with life and noise. The huge goat moth in our back yard is just adding to the soup of life out there.

goat moth just emerged from the cocoon