Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pumpkin patch powers on

Iv'e tried to cut back some of the pumpkins to give the rock melons and watermelons a chance.
The garden plot is seething with grasshoppers and the eggplants are no more. A good stage to test our new organic grasshopper killer which is now on order.

The goji berries i planted last week have germinated, so we shall see how they progress in this climate.

The Zucchinis and pumkin are providing produce as are the snake beans and carrots. the snake beans have slowed down with the drier weather
Have just harvested some olives, which after sorting in to green and black have now been put into  a brine solution which will now be changed daily for 10 days.

                            the black olives

                           And the green olives

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