Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did someone say Pumpkin?

Just a few more photos to further display the abundance of the Pumpkin harvest – just in case you were still in doubt.

We also put in some lovely advanced seedlings of cauliflower on the weekend and (gasp!) removed the grasshopper netting that was protecting our bigger plants. This should all be ok as the temperature has struggled to reach more than 20 degrees during the last week or two.

The rabbits have had babies at long last. This was given away by the telltale sign of patches of fur on the floor of the cage. The female rabbit pulls out the fur from her belly when the birth is imminent and builds a nest. Don’t know how many babies there are as yet as I try to avoid giving them much attention during the first couple of weeks for fear she may desert them. However I did smell something bad this morning which probably means there is a dead one somewhere in the nest chamber, so I may have to intervene after all.

Now Seedsavers Alice Spring holds a stall at the Steiner Fare every year, and because I was super organised and had lots of seed packaged (And because Anna has been so kind as to let us grow lots of vegies in here garden out there at Ilparpa!) we were able to sell seeds to fundraise for the school. Around $700 all up which is better than a smack in the chops. I must also give credit to our trusty band of seedsavers who donated seed to the seed bank or who came along to our mega seed sorting extravaganza in November, where we sorted mountains of seed.

Of course now I’m back to packaging again to get the stocks up…puff…pant..

The day was quite a lot of fun with Tracey and I chatting to loads of people about a subject we quite enjoy – growing things! Still lots of enquiries about the vegie garden companion which is out of print but its good to know there is interest in getting out another revised and expanded edition.

The community garden in Alice is one step closer to becoming a reality with the Alice Springs Town Council approving the lease of the prospective land to the Arid Lands Environment Centre. Next on the list is a business plan and getting funds to build the infrastructure at the site. I think we are having a bit of a presentation at the ALEC office (Warburton street – Haaren house) on Saturday (World Environment Day) to let people who what’s happening with the garden.