Monday, June 21, 2010

Tale of the Guar gum bean

This story is not so much about the Guar gum bean as it is about how i tracked it down.
A lady from Kinglake contacted me through the seedsavers website. She had lost al her seeds in the fires up there and was keen to begin re-establishing her garden and seed collection. She was paticularly looking for beans (especially those for drying) and was quite a collector of bean varieties.  Within a week i had several people send me their lists of seeds from different parts of the country out of the blue. They  had also contacted me through seedsavers. Ulla from Mareeba in North Queensland sent me her extensive list and i was pleased to find a few things i'd like to try. In my reply i mentioned the Guar gum bean. She replied she had never heard of it but would ask her members. Little did i know that her emailing network extended to about 500 people! in her region, through permaculture and other groups. A short time later Ulla emailed with the news that she had found the Guar gum bean through a member and would bring it with her to Alice Springs while she was visiting for the beanie festival. Now the Guar gum bean is a pretty obscure member - which makes it all the more amazing that we found it so quickly. Big pat on the back for seedsavers network - Yay!


  1. I just found your blog. What an amazing story! I've never tried guar gum beans... what do they taste like?

  2. I actually haven't tasted them but i intend on growing them this year. The lady in Vic i sent them to grew up eating them. I think you can eat the fresh bean as well as the dried seeds.