Sunday, September 12, 2010

Experimental Kimchi

This weeks experimental Kimchi includes Fennel bulbs, Diakon radish, Raddicio, Parsley, Shallot, Garlic, Chinese cabbage, Carrots and Ginger. I am enjoying my first batch of Kimchi quite a lot so i thought I'd make another batch with some Fennel and see how it turned out.

I know i said that bee eaters mean spring but i now think that Orange Blossoms mean spring 2 weeks later.
The next batch of baby rabbits are about ready to make an appearance from out of the burrow.
The cabbages at the garden plots are growing in leaps and bounds as are the Beetroot. The Beetroot are doing quite well with the bit of liquid fertiliser they  were given by mistake.
The Sno peas are in full production and are big and juicy. When i saved the seed from them last years i made a separate selection of large pods and it seems to have paid off.


  1. I like the new header picture.:) I also like that you found the kimchi to your liking and am interested that you are thinking of adding fennel to your next batch. I might have to try that too.

    It's strange to see your gardening season getting underway while we are beginning to focus on harvesting our crops in preperation for winter.

  2. Hi Mr H., Thanks - i had been wanting to work out a new look for a while and i eventually got around to it.
    Yes i am enjoying the Kimchi - i have nearly gone through most of what i have made so i though another batch was in order. There is also so much produce that i need to do something with it.

    Good luck with your winter preparations - it must be a very busy time for you.

  3. Hi! Your experimental kimchi ingredient looks good! Our chinese cabbage sowed in end summer and autumn all bolted. So I am not sure what gone wrong. We try growing them again this month.

  4. Hi Malay-Kadazan girl, yes the old chinese cabbage is very prone to bolting and will do so unless conditions are perfect. Mine were in the process of bolting when i picked them but had quite few leaves so were quite worthwhile. I think some people feed them with liquid fertilizers to get them pumping (i would have considered this if i had the time and was organised enough!). The Kimchi by the way is great!! I put Dill leaves in and they make a real flavour difference - i love it!