Sunday, September 26, 2010

Change of diet

Tropical fruits and coconuts this week for me, thanks to my visit to the Cocos Islands  where i have travelled to advise on food gardens and some revegetation work on a couple of Islands.
I was treated to wonderful poly cultures thanks to the Cocus Malay people on home island. People living among their food plants and all plants in the garden with a purpose.
This Lime tree is shading sheds and vehicles as well as providing fruit.


  1. Can you teach me what is the fruit name in the first picture in English? If I am not mistaken in my native language we call it sukun. We fry them like banana fritters.

  2. Hi Malay-Kadazan girl. The first fruit is called breadfruit (Atrtocarpus integer). I just had that method of othem describe dto me last night although i haven't had it cooked for me yet. The ripe fruit would be a perfect baby food - really nice taste, while the unripe fruit can be used as a starchy vegetable (popular for chips - but isn't everything better deep fried?!). I'd like to hear about any favourite recipes for this fruit.PS - did you click on the cocos island link in the first line of the blog? there's more written about fruit and veg there.

  3. in Malaysia that fruits call " sukun"