Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big bountiful spring and Olive flowers

Our cool spring came to and an end in the last couple of days and we have now had quite a few days above 30 degrees in a row. An early visit to the garden plot was in order this weekend to keep on top of the bounty of maturing winter crops.

Today we picked Beetroot, Carrots, Fennel, Peas, Zucchini (first ones!) and Cabbage at the garden plot while we continue to pick Asparagus, Broccoli, greens and Cape gooseberries at home.
The weeds between the garden beds are really growing well and today i picked a lot of them and used them to mulch between the french beans and beetroot. We should be able to pick some French beans next week.
The snake beans we planted earlier in the month are not doing well - the cold weather must have knocked them back. They do love the heat.
We also picked wildflowers - glorious wildflowers outside the garden, along the roadsides, all over the place. Lots of yellows' and purples'.
Children in Ptilotus

more Ptilotus

Oh yes. Musn't forget about the Olive tree. One of it's branches has burst into flower. I think it's toying with me.


  1. Hi Chris,
    Thats a lot of harvest you have there. Its really weird thinking you are harvesting your zucchini when mine has just germinated and has grown one true leaves. I am worried about my snake bean too. It has germinated earlier than last year but look not too good as night is still cold here.

  2. Nice veggies and I love the flower pictures. Congrats on the zucchini! Ours are about done in for the year but we are still getting a couple good ones each week.

  3. Hi Malay-Kadazan girl, Yes i was pretty pleased to have a zucchini. i hand pollinated a few so there should be somme bigger ones soon. I thought today about the snake beans and wether the roots of the Fennel (which contain some nasty root exudates) are causing them to do badly.

    Thanks Mr H. I do love the little ones. I'm surprised your Zucchinis are still going yet your tomatoes are failing to ripen. I suppose as long as the frost holds off the Zuchs will keep plodding along?

  4. Hi Chris, I wonder if you have carrot-afgan purple & yellow, melon-sweet turkish leapord and maize mozambique seeds in your collection now? If you want I have now seeds of choy sum, okra 'Clemson spineless, Evening sun sunflower, and calendula.

  5. Yes i have the carrots and maize at hand, but will have to contact the seedbank about the melon. I'm ok for other seeds at the moment - thanks.

  6. Hi Chris, that is wonderful news. For the 2 stamps payment how much should I put in?

  7. I think put 3 stamps on your envelope (because maize is heavy) and 4 x 50 cent stamps for payment. There is a photo of the turkish melon in my title collage, fourth photo from the left.