Saturday, January 23, 2010

Herbaceous things

I have tried many herbs in the garden over the years so i thought i'd go through a bit of herb history.

Starting with herbs i have had for years

The sage bush just gets bigger each year - going on 6 years old now. It grows in a position that gets sun in winter and dappled shade in summer

Slowly spreads along the ground and takes root at the nodes. This is one we've had for 6 years as well.


This one is hard to kill . there was one in the native garden around the front which never got much water and has only recently died through continued neglect.


we have had to plant a new plant a couple of times. they seem to last 2 -3 years.

Not that i know how to use this herb, but we grow it and it has lovely flowers that last in a vase for ages. It has been here for 6 years.

Tarragon went fantastic for quite a few years then seeemd to dissappear. i'm not sure why but possibly it was due to peppermint invading the bed it was in. peppermint may be a very hardy competitor or produce some allelopathic substance that can damage other plants.

Well very easy to grow. it eventually escaped the pot and now it spreadys happily between garden beds. i don't mind it too much becaus ethe rabbits love it, so its extra greenpick for them.

never really did well for me but i know other people in alice who have grown it. Maybe it doesn't like a basic soil.


i planted tansy originally as a plant that would flower and provide food to garden predators etc. As it turns out it doesn't really flower when it is most needed anyway. i find that vegetables let go to seed are the biggest feast for garden predators. Tansy does grow fine though and rabbits like a bit evry so often.

Garlic Chives
grows excellently and self seeds

planted at the right time you can grow top quality garlic in Alice Springs with big healty cloves. you also have to know when to turn the water off so they dry out - therwise your crop could all go rotten.

Annual herbs
Haven't had ant problems with growing annual herbs such as Basil, parsley, coriander, dill etc, as long as they are planted at the right time they do fine.
Annual herbs

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