Wednesday, January 6, 2010

semi dried tomatoes

It has been great weather for drying tomatoes lately with a majority of days above 35 so we have been drying cherry tomatoes.

We just lay them on trays and usually one day is enough for cheeries. we dry them so there is still a little bit of moisture  in them. the key to making them extra yummy is once you bring them inside, soak them in red wine vinegar for one minute then jar them with olive oil. Best kept in the fridge to be on the safe side.We got the idea of soaking in red wine vinegar from Barabara Kingsolvers book "Animal Vegetable Miracle". A fabulous book about being a locavore for a year on a block of land in Kentucky - but dangerous because it will make you want to move to the country!

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  1. My son Callum (5)says 'I LOVE sun dried tomatoes, I wish I had heaps of these". Me too Callum , me too. Cheerio - KAtja