Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey laaaa, Hey laaaa, the bees are back!

They've been gone for  such a long time now...hey la, hey la
But now they're back everythin will be fine... hey la  .. hey laa
yeah - they'll  be  a-pollinating
yeah - my efforts much abatin

So after a small appearance last week, there are bees a plenty all over the pumpkin patch.
I'll have barrow loads of jap pumpkins in the months to come aswell as butternuts and ironbark pumpkins for winter eating. The watermelons are sort of getting swamped by the pumpkins although we have got a few. There are a few Israeli rock melons on the go after a stuttering start. This is because rabbits are partial to rockmelon vines but not it seems to other crawling cucurbits.

One strange happening in the garden in our Lanes Navel orange has decided to have another go at flowering and its lovely to have the smell of Orange blosson in the morning.  I think it was the heavy rain and total soil saturation that gave it a shock and probably a boost of nutrients. Meanwhile another orange is dropping its fruit because it may not be geting quite enough water.

My stubborn Olive tree has now been in the ground about 5 years and has still not shown any sign of fruiting. Maybe i need to strees it more? It is a Manzallo and we got it as a wedding gift.

Transplanted lots of purple cherokee tomatoes to larger pots.

My jujube seed have germinated and are looking good - below

curry plants are doing well - below

Jambolans have germinated. - no photo - kind of boring ayway

Grasshopper news
I'm in the process of getting hold of an organic grasshopper control. It's called GREENGUARD and it is a fungus developed by the csiro. It was originally discoverd by a farmer wo picked up  fungus coverd dead grasshopper. This was many years ago and after a lot of development and testing  it is finally available to the average Jo Blogg. I've made some enquiries with Elders who are aparrently one of the distributers. It only effects grasshpper and the fungus burrows into the cuticle of the insect, invading its whole body. Exciting Huh?

Planted some Red Nigeian eggplant seedlings amongst the gourds and other things
The Mozambique maize is growing well. planted at the beginning of January

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