Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alice Springs - a chickens' paradise?

Sounds unlikey doesn't it but just reading through magazines like Earth garden and Grass roots made me realise how few problems we have here with our chickens.  From what i know we don't get lice or worms or scaley leg. we don't even get fleas on our dogs and cats - the theory being that the climate is too dry.
This dryness most of the year is also probably not a good environment for bacteria to survive and breed.
 My chickens have been relatively free of problems and only in their old age do they succcumb to sickness. Funly enough this usually happens when we are away and someone else is looking  after them. They also inexplicably slow down their laying to about half their usual when someone else if looking after them. We put this down to probable lack of treats and leafy green which we usually toss in daily.


  1. interesting Chris. We did loose two chooks this year, who had been young and robust up untill their untimely death. I had put it down to heat stress, till our Vet friend suggested that I may be doing more harm than good when I watered the pen down (to keep things cool) as this made a good home for a soil born parasite. I have since stopped watering the yard (bar to wet down new mulch) and there seems to be no increase in heat stress and certainly no more deaths. Must remember to keep up the greens though... Cheerio for now - Katja

  2. keep it dry seems to be the key!