Monday, December 28, 2009

And more buffel grass

I had a call from the landcare mob before Christmas and was informed that there was a buffel to collect. They had been cutting down buffel grass around young Corkwoods and ironwoods and there was an abundance of grass to be had. i filled the trailer in less that 30 mins (with the kids helping!) and this time it was very pure buffel grass with no bark and twigs. There are still patches of thick buffel grass desptite the lack of recent rainfall. A grass fire out at Simpsons gap today is a testament to the abundance of fuel this grass represents in the landscape. see the North Australian fire information site . Sorry about the clumped photos - due to my new computer blogger aint workinjg in quite the same way and i can't work out how to move the photos around.

After mulchinhg all of the beds that could do with mulch i piled the rest of the grass into the chook house. with a bit of water addded the chooks may help to semi compost the grass and i can use it at a later date on the garden.

On the garden fron the snake beans really appreciated the humid weather over chritmas and i have been picking bunches every day.

The cape gooseberries (sourced from plants that have been grown in Alice Springs since the 1970's) are coming along well although no signs of fruiting yet.

carrots (all seasons)
some dwarf french beans (due to the cooler weather)
tomatoes - mostly cherry types
leafy greens - amaranth
shallots - spring onion looking
figs - from friends house

snake beans growing high

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