Tuesday, December 29, 2009

wattle seed on the menu

So i've had this wattle seed siiting in the shed for a while now. i harvested it last year in about 30 mins while out on a drive out bush. Acacia victoriae is a widespread wattle . Around here it grows most thickly on river flats and tends to be found with very thick buffel garss. The species grows further north and right down to Adelaide. The seeds are large for an acacia and edible.  One of my friends said she hand picked out the seeds of her acacia vic - but with my seed sorting prowess i was sure i could improve on that method.

out comes the kiddies pool

and out come the stomping shoes.

until all of the seeds are ruffled out of their pods.
then theres a bit of shaking and rustling to get the pods to come to the top and the seeds to go to the bottom.

still a bit of shaking to go.

the pods get tossed in th egrden and the seeds into a smaller bowl to continue sorting. most of the sorting of the see was done within 30 mins.

i could have spent more time getting the seed clean but for now it can be stored. i got about 1kg of seed from an hours work.

there are a variety of uses for the seed but mostly it is added to flour mixes (often roasted first). The seed coat is very thick and i have to put it through the grinder a copuple of times before i can get a floury consistency. I put the jar in the freezer to kill any bugs that might be hiding out in the seed.
So far i've mixed it in with my fermented porridge (yum i hear you say?) which is mixed with a bit of yogurt and soaked overnight.

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