Tuesday, December 29, 2009

flight of the turkey

We are now the proud owners of 3 turkeys thanks to Tully. We took the carrier cage into the chook pen and tried to extract the birds. out come number one and two with a lot of racket and kicking, while 3 was still inside. One and two walked across the yard and promptly flew up onto the fence rail , then to the shed next door , then to the neighbours fence.

Oh bother

I grabbed hold of number 3 still in the box and requested some scissors - off with one lot of wing feathers! So at least i had one bird in the hand.

my beloved went next door and scared the turkeys - one of which flew back into our yard and we bagged it. the other remaining turkey proved harder to get and by dusk we had not succeded, despite climbing on neighbouts shed roofs and jumping tall fences in a single bound.

The other turkeys called the rouge turkey back and the next morning i cornered him in the vege patch.

now the turkeys are settling in at the bottom of the pecking order it seems, but they are quick to run in and grab what they want.

The plans are to fatten them up for eating.


  1. Thanks Chris! I just laughed till the tears ran down my face! I bet the fun will have increased the flavour! Katj

  2. There was of course a screaming child involved in all of that as well - which i forgot to mention

  3. Can I confess, who knows that the child is well loved, that this only increases the ridiculous and funny flavour of your adventure?

  4. I had a little laugh too, sorry Chris! I hope they fatten up beautifully for the table.
    Oh, and if you want a breeding trio anytime,or know of anyone who does, just yell out...otherwise I suspect the shootgun might get a workout! They jumped on and scratched the &%#@ out of our brand new black car!

  5. Well i have clipped wings yet again because they have been flying into the neighbours yard.
    They have also started to fight a bit and i can't work our who is who or why. They are getting heavier, so they must be fattening up - and they do love greens and grass a lot more than chickens