Saturday, December 5, 2009

slashing the sorghum

My sorghum crop is about ready to dig in and perform its green manure function

I think I planted the sorghum about 8 weeks ago and want to slash it down before it begins to shoot to head. Sorgum is a summer hardy green manure crop that seems to grow fast and furiously.

i first slash down the sorghum starting from the top and cut it into 2 inch pieces, rught down to the base.Once the bed is slashed i decided to add a bit of blood and bone to help hasten breakdown - but i don't usually do this and it also works fine.
And a bit of Sulfur to help reduce the soil ph (caused by our bore water)Now all there is to do it wait a couople of weeks for the breakdown and then plant. I always find that after i dig in green manure crops the worms are incredibly active,


  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the update. Can you tell me, can you plant green manure crops at any time of the year? And do you did it in straight after it has been cut down or after it has started to break down? Thanks- KAtja

  2. Hi Katja - you need to choose the right green manure for your season. in winter you might plant barley or clover.
    you dig it in fresh before flowering and it breaks down in the soil. try to bury it as much as possible. i've now planted cape goooseberries into part of that bed.