Monday, December 14, 2009

The bee famine continues

Heavily flowering Ghost gum Corymbia aparrerinja , early December

The bees are doing fine due to the succession of trees flowering in the Alice Springs local area.
They are just not making an appearance in the garden! except to get water. I have been looking closely at the flowering tree succession this year and it goes like this

River red gum (Oct-Nov) (lemon scented gum also in town)

Coolibah (Nov - Dec)

Ghost gum (dec to Jan?)
there are of course more trees flowering but these are the common ones and produce a lot of nectar.


  1. IS this a new thing in ALice Chris? Does this mean it is beooming harder for the vegies to become pollinated? Any ideas on how to get them back on the job? Cheerio for now and thanks for the enlightening post. Katja

  2. I've noticed this pattern every year. they eventually return of their own accord when the trees stop flowering. if you could have a bee hive close to your place - that might be a way to get them into the garden

  3. As husband as a rather unpleasant reaction to bees he might object!